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Hot & Trending Cb Antenna Base Starduster Products - The hottest and most popular cb antenna base starduster products, right now on eBay.

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New Starduster M400 Base Station CB Ham 10 Meter Antenna M-400 18' 1000 watt 7dB
241 watchers   Number Sold: 218
18 watchers   Number Sold: 2

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Cb Antenna Base Starduster Reviews & Ratings - cb antenna base starduster reviews from the internet's top places

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Antenna Specialists M-400 Starduster
Avg. Rating: 5.0   Total Ratings: 4
Starduster M400.MOV
Avg. Rating: 5.0   Total Ratings: 1
Albion CB Radio Heroes - The Starduster
Avg. Rating: Not rated yet.
My CB base station setup.
Avg. Rating: 5.0   Total Ratings: 6
SIRIO 27 TORNADO C.B. Radio Base Station Antenna a short look
Avg. Rating: 5.0   Total Ratings: 5
Peg Leg CB Radio Base Antenna, Part 7 of 7
Avg. Rating: 4.88   Total Ratings: 36
new cb base antenna
Avg. Rating: 5.0   Total Ratings: 5
Old Hy Gain CLR-2 CB base antenna *****caution language*****
Avg. Rating: 4.46   Total Ratings: 15
Sirio Performer 5000 PL CB Radio Antenna Review...........By Dave M0OGY
Avg. Rating: 4.82   Total Ratings: 23
CB Antenna Ground Plane Heavy Duty.64 wave 22.foot long Part 1
Avg. Rating: 4.42   Total Ratings: 7

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Starduster M400 Base Station Cb Ham 10 Meter Antenna M-400 18' 1000 Watt 7db
Price: $82.95
Workman M400 Starduster 10/11m Cb Amateur Base Antenna 7dbi Gain 800w
Price: $98.95